Caffeine is better than you

Because caffeine makes me happy. You don't.

andré, 18. brazilian.
it's all about lindsay lohan, drugs and the '80s.

mister-newyork asked: Pq excluiu o twitter cara?

Ah, vários motivos, tipo a falta de tempo. E uns motivos pessoais, principalmente. Olha, foi difícil no começo, eu era muito viciado… enfim, logo mais as coisas melhoram.

Blehh, no one’s gonna read or give a fuck about it, but I wanna write this anyway. I took some klonopin and I’m feeling happy and lonely at the same time. And that’s not weird, because this loneliness is not a bad, sad one. It’s just that I’d really like to be talking nonsense shit with this friend of mine right now. But I’m happy and even though this year has been a tough year, I’m gonna get what I want and everything’s gonna turn out great. Fuck the stress. Fuck it.



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high as fuck baybeeh

I wish

oh deliciously high right now

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